RigDig Business Intelligence | Avoid Used Truck Depreciation

August 28, 2019
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For now, the used truck market is treading water. But if you don’t get on top of the market before it starts sinking. . .it’ll be difficult to get your head above water again.

With used trucks sitting on your lot, you’re losing money faster than you can make it. To get ahead, you need to move your used trucks quicker. But that calls for a greater investment in marketing these vehicles. But that will eat up your already low profit margin.

The fallout is looming. The new truck boom is increasing used vehicle supply, and soon, your used trucks will cost you even more. Depreciation will accelerate and drive down prices. You know you have to move them as soon as possible but with even more used inventory coming in, you’re falling even further behind.

You need to move your used inventory as fast as possible without increasing your investment.

In short. . . become more efficient

Easy to say, but how? Watch the vlog to find out.