RigDig Business Intelligence | How Fleets Make Buying Decisions

August 28, 2019
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When it comes to reaching buyers, dealerships are familiar with this simple process:

Step 1: Create marketing strategy

Step 2: Execute marketing strategy

Step 3: Wait for prospects to respond

Your strategy may be effective but if it’s enough, why aren’t your phones ringing off the hook?

You need to be proactive when reaching prospects. You know what your sales process looks like but have you ever looked at that process from the point of view of a prospect? Knowing what the buying process looks like for a prospect can reveal business opportunities you may be missing out on.

According to our research, these are the biggest influencers on fleets’ buying decisions:

Knowing how your customers think gives you a better understanding of how the purchasing process works for them. With insight like that, you can tailor your marketing and sales strategy to be more appealing to customers during this process.

To help you understand how fleets make buying decisions, we produced the CCJ Reader Profile. Download the full report to better understand your customers.