RigDig Business Intelligence | Reveal Hidden Growth Opportunities

August 28, 2019
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You’re not seeing growth because you’re doing what you’ve always done.

Email marketing for parts promotions

Calling the same fleets for trucks sales over and over again.

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Putting in the bare-minimum when it comes to selling used trucks

So how do you get our of your rut?

Growth opportunities you may be missing.

The Familiar Way

You keep calling the same customers.

A limited customer base forces you to seek new business from people already buying from you.

Hidden Opportunity:

You can use data to find new customers in your AOR.

Segment potential customers with parameters like:

  • Location
  • Brand Preference
  • Fleet Size
  • Average age of vehicles
  • and More!

Data can help you find potential customers who fall into your criteria of an ideal buyer.

The Familiar Way

Your sales team is underprepared.

With too few or no details on potential customers, your sales team is left with an ineffective generic sales approach.

Hidden Opportunity:

Violation data gives your sales team insight on what to offer potential customers.

Use violation data like:

  • Maintenance
  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Lights
  • and More!

You can cater to a customer’s specific needs using violation data.

The Familiar Way

People aren’t buying what you’re offering.

If you aren’t narrowing down who you’re going after, you’re at risk of reaching the wrong people.

Hidden Opportunity:

Use brand affinities to identify who’s likely to buy from you.

Segment potential customers into:

  • Loyal to brands you don’t sell
  • Loyal to brands you sell
  • Loyal to no brand

Eliminating those unlikely to buy from you allows you to tailor strategies to reach those with potential to buy from you.

The Familiar Way

It’s hard to find new parts and service customers.

Having no way to identify potential parts and service customers makes it difficult to reach the right people.

Hidden Opportunity:

Estimate maintenance intervals using warranty cycles for potential customers’ equipment.

This allows you to:

  • Offer parts and service exactly when needed
  • Narrow down potential customer lists to ideal buyers only

If you know when potential customers need what you offer, you can contact them at the right time.

The Familiar Way

You’re restricted to those in your AOR.

There is a limited customer pool within your area of responsibility.

Hidden Opportunity:

Reach long haul fleets passing through your territory.

Gain the attention of non-local fleets by:

  • Using route-targeting for your online ads
  • Using traffic violations to determine what to offer

In the case of a breakdown, you can be the first choice for a truck passing through your territory.

Your dealership hasn’t been experiencing the growth it’s capable up. It’s time to utilize the hidden growth opportunities available to you and increase the success of your dealership.