Unleash the Power of Route-Targeting: How to Maximize ROI

March 26, 2024
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In the competitive landscape of truck dealership marketing, attracting non-local fleets can be a significant challenge. Picture this: You’re a dealership looking to expand your customer base beyond your immediate area, but traditional marketing efforts fall short. What do you do? Enter route-targeting with digital ads, a game-changer in reaching out-of-town customers and maximizing ROI.

Meet Johnson’s Trucks, a fictitious dealership facing precisely this dilemma. Located in a bustling city, they found themselves struggling to attract fleets passing through their territory. Despite offering top-notch services and a wide range of products, their efforts to tap into the non-local market were falling flat.

Here’s where RigDigBI by Fusable and our digital solutions come into play: employing digital ads and route-targeting to specifically target out-of-town customers. Johnson’s Trucks decided to leverage the power of data-driven marketing to reach potential clients wherever they may be on their routes.

With the help of RigDigBI’s actionable data for prospecting, Johnson’s Trucks could identify key parameters to segment potential customers. They can pinpoint fleets based on location, equipment age, brand preference, and more, creating a tailored approach to their marketing strategy.

But it doesn’t stop there. Johnson’s Trucks understands the importance of catering to the specific needs of their target audience. Utilizing violation data provided by RigDigBI, they gain valuable insights into the maintenance, tire, brake, and light violations of potential customers. Armed with this information, they could offer tailored solutions to address these pain points effectively.

Moreover, Johnson’s Trucks recognizes the significance of brand affinities in influencing purchasing decisions. By segmenting potential customers based on their loyalty to different brands, they could tailor their messaging and offerings accordingly. This strategic approach allows them to eliminate those unlikely to buy from them, focusing their efforts on high-potential prospects.

Now, let’s dive into the implementation of route-targeting with digital ads. Johnson’s Trucks, our fictitious example, partnered with Fusable for their digital marketing services, combining RigDigBI’s precise prospecting with targeted advertising campaigns. Leveraging various online platforms such as Spotify, Hulu, and social media, they ensured their ads reached non-local fleets where they spent their time online.

But the real game-changer was digital-out-of-home advertising. By strategically placing ads in gas stations and along major roadways, Johnson’s Trucks could capture the attention of passing fleets. Route-targeting allowed them to deliver relevant messages to drivers based on their location and route, increasing engagement and visibility of the dealership in their new area. By using RDBI data and our digital solutions, Johnson’s Trucks knows precisely who to target and how to reach them in their organic environment. 

Don’t let non-local fleets pass you by. Take charge of your marketing strategy today and start reaching out-of-town customers with precision and effectiveness. Contact us now to discover how our data-driven approach and digital marketing services can elevate your dealership to new heights of success. The road to maximizing ROI begins here. Let’s drive it together.