Truck Dealers

Smart dealers use smart data to drive their sales, marketing, service, and strategy decisions. Give your truck dealerships the RigDig BI advantage.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Randall-Reilly’s RigDig BI delivers fleet customer specifics: names, addresses, make, model and serial number of financed equipment. But that’s not all. RigDig BI also gives you insights by uncovering regional hot spots and hidden opportunities in your AOR.






Focus on active trucking fleets for the exact trucks you sell, both new and used trucks. Arm your sales team with Prospect Profiles so they know everything they need to about a fleet prospect before they contact them.

Before you visit a truck sales target, know their violations, number of units, miles driven, vehicle age, and brand preferences.

Set targets for sales reps’ AOR’s based on actual market data.

Give your sales team and advantage by letting them know which trucking prospects are visiting your website.

Plan your sales growth by identifying regional hot spots, growth trends and emerging markets

Equip your team with RigDig’s mobile app route planner to maximize the number of prospects visited.

Manage tasks and contacts through the Prospect Relationship Manager (PRM).



Use data on active trucking fleets to target your marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Drive awareness through direct mail, email, and digital advertising campaigns that are matched to the fleet prospects you want to target.

Gain insights into your AOR to plan your campaigns by understanding vehicle age, miles driven, and brand preferences of your target trucking audience.
Identify hot spots and routes for billboard placement.

Parts & Maintenance

Maintenance and service for trucks is reported as the most profitable part of a truck dealership’s business. Use RigDig BI to identify opportunities for new parts, maintenance, and service prospects in your market.

Use historical truck activity and fleet data to anticipate wear-part replacement needs based on violations and miles driven.

Identify fleet engine preferences and preferred truck brands so your shop knows exactly what to say to a fleet prospect.

Anticipate the part needs of your AOR by understanding the equipment used by fleet prospects near you.

vehicles by model year graph

Dealer Growth

Insights to grow your dealerships.
Guide market decisions
Stock the right products at the right time

Point dealers to qualified sales and service prospects

Know what competing manufacturers are selling in your dealer's AOR