Is Your Dealership Growth Stagnating? Discover the Secret to Revitalizing It!

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In the competitive world of trucking dealerships, stagnant growth can be more than a real headache, it could mean real trouble. You might be wondering why your dealership isn’t experiencing the success it’s capable of. The answer lies in uncovering hidden opportunities, and that’s where RigDigBI by Fusable and our company’s Digital Marketing services come into play. RigDigBI isn’t just … Read More

The Best Way to Set Achievable Goals

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When developing a new sales campaign, it’s good to be ambitious with your goals, but it’s also important to be realistic about what you can achieve. Setting achievable goals can help with your business’s long-term development and allow you to monitor your goals progress more easily. But setting achievable goals is often easier said than done. That’s why it’s helpful … Read More

How to Ensure You’re Using Up-To-Date Information

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Data is one of the most influential factors of a business’s marketing and sales campaign. So much in fact, that the accuracy and quality of that data is crucial to the campaign’s success. Having the most up-to-date information at your disposal can make your campaigns more effective and help you find stronger leads and prospects for your company. But how … Read More

How To Know When Your Prospects are Going To Buy

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When it comes to buying heavy equipment, like long-haul trucks and trailers, it’s not a decision that a lot of companies make on a whim. But that means, for truck and trailer dealers, it can be difficult to pin-point exactly when they should approach a prospective customer about their products. If you’re not sure when a business is in its … Read More

Identifying Growth Opportunities with RigDig Business Intelligence

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Identifying new markets and opportunities for growth has never been easier thanks to RigDig BI. Using the prospecting tools and search features of our data product, you can uncover new areas for your business to invest in and quality prospects to contact about your products and services. See why identifying growth opportunities is crucial to the success of your company … Read More

How McMahon Truck Centers Finds Success with RigDig BI

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RigDig BI offers a lot of features that help businesses find success in the trucking industry. Whether you’re a dealer, OEM, or in aftermarkets, both RigDig BI’s software and mobile application can help you research prospects, measure brand loyalty, find new sales opportunities, and improve your overall marketing and sales efforts. Let’s take a look at an example of how … Read More

Steering The Conversation When You Know Too Much

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It’s common for salespeople to research their prospects ahead of time before making a sales call and it’s natural to want to share that information during the call to appear knowledgeable about the prospect and their business. But oversharing during a sales pitch can often have the reverse effect we think it will. Why Oversharing Can Hurt Your Sales Pitch … Read More

Uncovering Elusive Businesses With RigDig BI

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You would think that any name on the side of a truck or company vehicle would direct you straight to the business that operates it. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, businesses might use different names on their paperwork or official documents than they do on their marketing materials. It’s also possible that some businesses might have recently changed … Read More