How Data Can Help Dealerships & OEMs be More Proactive

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Are you tired of shooting around in the dark, unsure of when your prospects are ready to buy? The uncertainty surrounding the timing of potential customers’ purchasing decisions can be a major pain point for trucking dealers and OEMs. But fear not, because RigDig BI by Fusable has the solution to this challenge: identifying buying cycles and a likelihood to … Read More

Uncovering Growth Opportunities: Expanded Light and Medium Duty Truck Data Enhances Prospect Insights

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Lack of comprehensive prospect knowledge often acts as a barrier to growth, hindering sales and marketing efforts and leaving potential untapped. How would you like to enhance the way you understand and engage with your trucking prospects?  We are thrilled to share the exciting news that RigDigBI has expanded its data offerings to include both light and medium-duty truck segments, … Read More

Unleash the Power of Route-Targeting: How to Maximize ROI

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Male truck driver sitting in the cab of a parked truck, checking the GPS on his phone.

In the competitive landscape of truck dealership marketing, attracting non-local fleets can be a significant challenge. Picture this: You’re a dealership looking to expand your customer base beyond your immediate area, but traditional marketing efforts fall short. What do you do? Enter route-targeting with digital ads, a game-changer in reaching out-of-town customers and maximizing ROI. Meet Johnson’s Trucks, a fictitious … Read More

Fighting Truck Depreciation: Getting Used Equipment Off Your Lot

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Truckers Talking

As you might already know, build rates and new equipment sales for tractor trucks are down, and they’re predicted to stay that way for most of 2024. The freight industry has slowed and carriers have stopped making large order commitments. If you’re a heavy truck dealer, that can put a strain on your business. But just because your new semi-truck … Read More

Are You Losing Customers Due to Unclear Loyalty? It’s Time to Redefine Brand Affinity!

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In the fiercely competitive world of trucking dealerships, understanding your customers’ brand preferences is key to success. Unclear customer loyalty can lead to missed opportunities, but with RigDigBI’s violation data in our Truck History Reports, you can redefine brand affinity and target loyal and potential customers effectively. The Challenge of Customer Loyalty In a market saturated with options, dealerships often … Read More

Is Your Dealership Growth Stagnating? Discover the Secret to Revitalizing It!

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In the competitive world of trucking dealerships, stagnant growth can be more than a real headache, it could mean real trouble. You might be wondering why your dealership isn’t experiencing the success it’s capable of. The answer lies in uncovering hidden opportunities, and that’s where RigDigBI by Fusable and our company’s Digital Marketing services come into play. RigDigBI isn’t just … Read More

The Best Way to Set Achievable Goals

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When developing a new sales campaign, it’s good to be ambitious with your goals, but it’s also important to be realistic about what you can achieve. Setting achievable goals can help with your business’s long-term development and allow you to monitor your goals progress more easily. But setting achievable goals is often easier said than done. That’s why it’s helpful … Read More

How to Ensure You’re Using Up-To-Date Information

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Data is one of the most influential factors of a business’s marketing and sales campaign. So much in fact, that the accuracy and quality of that data is crucial to the campaign’s success. Having the most up-to-date information at your disposal can make your campaigns more effective and help you find stronger leads and prospects for your company. But how … Read More

How To Know When Your Prospects are Going To Buy

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When it comes to buying heavy equipment, like long-haul trucks and trailers, it’s not a decision that a lot of companies make on a whim. But that means, for truck and trailer dealers, it can be difficult to pin-point exactly when they should approach a prospective customer about their products. If you’re not sure when a business is in its … Read More

Identifying Growth Opportunities with RigDig Business Intelligence

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Identifying new markets and opportunities for growth has never been easier thanks to RigDig BI. Using the prospecting tools and search features of our data product, you can uncover new areas for your business to invest in and quality prospects to contact about your products and services. See why identifying growth opportunities is crucial to the success of your company … Read More